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 My ghost/monsters and other stuff story's

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PostSubject: My ghost/monsters and other stuff story's   Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:09 pm

Hi i am Shawn Phillips some times called tony by good friends and i bin posting on the forum for sometime and bin making S SUIT now in my life i seen ghost and other stuff i was fighting a forest fire on 9/12/2012 yesterday and my birthdays on the 14 so i have lots of things going on lets get this going.

When i was a kid napped on my couch my room was scary it had banging stuff fall off there be creepy voice like sounds things turn on toys make sound by them self and also I always had nightmares ALWAYS. no joke i did not stop having them till i was 6 or 8 maybe 7 and when i did i had ether a dream or nothing at all i had tons of scary scary scary dreams that made me in shock often maybe its way i think of all kinds of scary stuff all the time and it gets crazier

When i woke up i look in the hall way and standing there is slenderman yes Reilly i did not think of it at the time i thought it was a alien i was into aliens and stuff i screamed and ran it was scary when i look back in the hallway he was gone happen 3 times

one day i was going to my moms room when i woke up not seeing any thing in the hall i did so i walk to my moms door knock and she was down stares i guess when i turn around slendermans standing there look down at me i screamed so loud and ran

so i did get to see him in real life before i known what he was

one time i was outside we have newspaper on the windows in the basement the paper bent and a eye was looking at me i thought may bin my dad or mom i asked them thy where not doing that

latter napping on my couch for some reason i could not get to sleep it was late i heard a growling sound under my couch and then a loud scream of a women i slept with My dad that night XD i did stuff like that when i was like a tini kid i forget my age at the time of this stuff i only known about the nightmares witch i still have now and then

watch toy story had a box filled with army men that i played with a few hoped out i was like yaye my toys are alive Very Happy XD it now creeps me out

in the living room nighttime but not to late me and my dad where watching TV just having fun
and i gone to my room it was dark like black i could see the outline of stuff and where my cloths where in a pile i could see a witch hat it scared me

3 grade i think i had 8 dreams in a row will being sick after watching attack of the show of a bear that was stuffed came waddling out from areas that i go around and hang out around the times and start attacking me will my friends got in a fight with it but it keep on coming for me

2012 tons years past now and i mean a ton i did not have any thing paranormal happen for years other then the nightmares then
i was learned about slenderman no nightmares of him till i was going to on a farm in a city called Fairview i was like very very very into slenderman at the time even more then now witch is allot so i brought video cams with me i recorded some videos but thy came out Reilly bad like slenderman was there or something i did not see him on any of the video that i recorded in the woods and it must bin a odd thing that it was messed up i thought i help on the farm latter going back to my home and next thing i know Theres a wild fire in the city where i just was looking for slenderman in the forest

but i did not think about it at the time my grandparents where evacuated and nothing was heart that was on there property since the firemen did a good job

latter i was helping my aunt and i was helping repair a car and i seen a cat under a truck no one at all was outside i gone to pet the cat i heard leaves do to being dumb sometime XD when i look up there was a BIG FIRE right there touching the neighbors fence it gone up the hill to the forest
i ran in the home yelling forest fire and my aunt ran out spraying her hose on it getting it away from her home and there home latter the fire men came and got it gone all the way it was a crazy day that day my PC was not working nether was my dads or the hospitals where my dad was getting his heart shock to fix him it was even more crazy then i let you know

but now i bin thinking slenderman burns things down with info on him?
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My ghost/monsters and other stuff story's
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