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 TribeTwelve Lore you put it find out the storys of it all

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PostSubject: TribeTwelve Lore you put it find out the storys of it all   Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:51 pm

Sorry if my english is not the best but i checked it with a spell checking thing i have on my pc so i think it be ok and not that bad if it even is

Update1 i am now sure that Darkharvest00 is a part of the same world and is not a cameo so thay are now in this

This is the post where you try to find the lore of the TribeTwelve slenderman world its and all its info try to find out the story try to put together the peaces of the puzzle witch is TribeTwelve I'm going to put in some basic info you try to find out the rest and post it here but first lets get something that make you think up some ideas also DarkHarvest00 is put in here as a maybe 3 crossover go to the bottem to read that part also i posted this under TribeTwelve for this being the page with most post and replys at this time

EMH EveryManHybrid In the episode Noah thay meet Noah Maxwell aka Tribetwelve also seen on TribeTwelve as Northern Trip Footage
Now this brings up one big fact TribeTwelve and EveryManHybrids worlds are one that means we have lots to think about like how thay can be one why has Noah not ran in to the rake so far or Habit why has EveryManHybrid not also dealing with the observer or any of the observers cult and keep in mind that noah started dealing with this on Jun 4, 2010 and everymanhybrid crew around May 14, 2010
Noah made his youtube around May 18, 2010 Everymanhybrid around Mar 20, 2010
noah had uploded the video on jun 4, 2010 but thay where now trying to get him but thay where jut trying to get milo it seemed but then noah was always wraped up in this all from birth but nothing big came to till Night Recording that was put up on Aug 9, 2010 everymanhybrid made a joke about him on may 14, 2010 and slendrmans bin trying to get them so on now heres the thing you haft to try think of how all this cna work out into one world try to put all the stuff in to one world of slenderman and have them make sense right now it seems that the cult with observer is not going to get EMH but thay get noah and EMH has lots of info thay need to and the rake and habit why thay not going to get noah? non of it makes sense your job is to make it try to think of ways how make your own storys have fun also DarkHarvest00 may be a part of the same world so if you like try think of a way thay fit with eachouther go down to the end of the page to read about the info on DarkHarvest00 being a part

This part is from the Slenderman wiki i do not own anything in this part

Basic Info TribeTwelve TT:
Noah originally started the YouTube account for a school project focusing on the Twelve Tribes of Israel (hence the series' name), which was later cancelled. It was then repurposed to memorialize Noah's cousin Milo Asher, who apparently committed suicide. Noah initial video posts, which he called "submissions," recorded his last meeting with Milo, when Milo came to stay with Noah for a weekend. Throughout his visit, Milo acted increasingly paranoid, sometimes running away randomly or becoming scared of seemingly nothing. It wasn't until the entry "Tape Analysis" that Noah discovered the reason for his irrational behavior. Through all the videos containing Milo, there was always a figure present, stalking or watching them.

During the trip to Milo's funeral, Noah stopped briefly to discuss the submissions and the appearance of Slenderman in them with his grandfather Karl, a German-American immigrant who worked alongside the US military during WWII and who encountered and attempted to shoot Der Großmann, to no effect. Karl has knowledge of the Slenderman and its workings, and appeared to understand when and why it would be coming to Noah. It is revealed that Karl possesses something that prevents the Slenderman from attacking him.

After this visit, Noah is plagued by one or more people hacking his online accounts, sending him cryptic and threatening messages. A package is left at Noah's door in the middle of the night, containing an unspooled video cassette, a phone, and several electronic components. Noah is contacted through the phone, where an unknown voice tells him to obey. Noah finds out that a group who come to be called The Collective are watching his every move. Feeling unsafe, Noah stays away from his house for several days. Upon returning, he finds a letter stuck in the door with the words "Token" and "Obey" on it, and a message within reading "Who is more foolish, the boy that is afraid of the dark, or the man that is afraid of the light? Expecting you."

Noah manages to contact Milo's stepfather and learns that Milo's mother was behaving just as erratically as Noah, and was also seeing the Slenderman, whom she referred to as "Mr. Slim". She accused her husband of working for him, suggesting that she believed he was some sort of proxy. During a stay at his friend Sarah's house over Thanksgiving, Noah disapears in the night and awakens standing with a knife and covered in blood. He has no recollection of what happened.

During a bike ride into the nature trail by his home, Noah is stalked by the Slenderman, who he proceeds to try to attack. He blacks out and does not reawaken for another week. It is revealed through an interview with his parents that Noah's home burned down when he was younger, and that his babysitter at the time was institutionalized for mental problems. After the home burned, his parents claimed to see a man in a dark suit who they believed was from the FBI, but was almost certainly Slenderman.

Another message to Noah appears soon after, where it is revealed that Milo was a patient of Dr. Corenthal, a major influence of the characters and their pasts in EverymanHYBRID.

In later videos, Noah's stalker The Observer leaves a makeshift recording device in Noah's house, which is found to contain a recorded warning full of ominous threats, and several images and files. Around Halloween, Noah goes to stay at a hotel where he is ambushed by Slenderman, who uses a distortion of time and space to confuse Noah. He eventually escapes to his room and falls asleep, only to be carried away by an unknown entity.

The increasing pressure of The Observer's endless and aggressive stalking begins taking its toll on Noah's emotional health. Around this time he learns that Milo's stepfather and a friend of Sarah's named Kat (who spent Thanskgiving with them) have both been killed, and that Sarah herself has been abducted by the Collective. Noah eventually receives a call from Milo's mother. She explains that she had been protecting Milo and Noah ever since they were little kids, and that nobody else in the family could see "Mr. Slim". She then becomes increasingly agitated and paranoiac and angrily demands that Noah identify someone she calls Mr. Scars, claiming that he can "end her session." Noah protests his complete ignorance of this person, and Mrs. Asher hangs up on him.

Seconds later, Noah is ambushed by Slenderman. Afterwards, he decides to go back to the hotel, where he says he will stay for weeks if need be. On the first night, 11-11-11, which is also Noah's birthday, he records himself sleeping. About halfway through the night, The Observer ambushes him and makes him black out, only to dream threatening messages. Noah awakens to find that The Observer has written in marker all over his body. The episode ends with him trying to wipe it off. In ominous tweets, The Observer hints that it would be "too easy" to "take" Noah, and that they want Noah for another purpose: to obtain whatever it is Karl possesses that protects him.

EveryManHybrid EMH:

EMH was created originally as a health video vlog by friends Vincent, Evan, and Jeff. Later appearances are made by Jeff's brother Alex and Damsel from Slenderblog CANYOUSEETHEWORDS?. The three originally intend to prank the audience by creating a fake Slenderman and placing it in their videos, in obvious places. However, after Episode 6, things go south as the real Slenderman appears in Evan's house.

The videos since that initial sighting record the friends' attempts to unravel a mystery concerning their pasts, an unknown pupeteer known as HABIT, Slenderman, the Rake, and viewers, in which they are all involved in ways they do not understand.

As of yet, the series makes references to House of Leaves, Slenderman, The Rake, MarbleHornets, TribeTwelve, and a few other Slenderman series.

What is assumed to be HABIT posts videos on the EMH channel that the characters are seemingly unable to see.

DarkHarvest00 the maybe 3 crossover:
In this crossover, characters from DarkHarvest00 appeared, but it is not known if this was a crossover or a cameo.

HABIT may be a proxy, which was pioneered by MH and termed by DarkHarvest00.

Chris, Alex and Jesse make a cameo appearance in the EverymanHYBRID video entry "Noah ," which also serves to crossover EMH with TribeTwelve. The EMH team meet them as their car is inexplicably broken down on the side of the road, and when Evan jokingly talks about using magic to get it started, the car starts up on its own. The appearance seems intended just as an amusing in-joke for fans, and doesn't really link the two series' narratives in any way.

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TribeTwelve Lore you put it find out the storys of it all
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