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PostSubject: Overwatcher   Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:17 pm

Im only 15 i bin buged by this so called overwatcher ass fucker i use to play outside in the backyard and i like to go and open the gate and go in the frount yard but one day i gone over there and we have these windows in are basement thay are covered up with news paper by my mom and dad but the paper folded and there was this eye looking at me and thene i ran in thinking it was my mom or dad like it was nothing i asked them


?????? even as a kid that was major red flags

since then i sware to see him far out and watching me from afar he seem to stay far away most of the time but every now and then i think i see him in my dreams or he may just be stareing down at me in my bed i know one time in my dream he told me he had no form?

it freak me out when i woke up jeff the killers face was stareing at me he seem to have taken the form of something that i know about latter in life it was a quick flash but i never sleep in that room any more i sleep with 2 big dogs on my new safer bed in a safer room.

he seem that he can go and use any pc and he seems to be abel to drive outhers to insanity i would say im on the brake of that or crazy.

and he keeps this photo of his hiden eye in my sight as offten its like his logo or something
if any one can help me with this demon like more info on him or if you ever seen him that help?
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