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 A fate.

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PostSubject: A fate.   A fate. I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2018 9:41 pm

Good whatever time of the day it is for you, as you read this.

I have no easy way of getting into this. No easy way of explaining, what has happened, or why everything has suddenly died down, so let me just begin by stating something obvious:

I am not the person you know as toNdaEd.
It should be obvious because of how I do not have the same issue that causes him to write in such twitchy text (hehe)

How am I posting under his name you ask? Who am I? What is going on? All those questions. I'm sure they have crossed your mind by now.

It took me quite a few months to gain access to this account, as you can tell- but I am by no means a hacker. This account would have been forgotten in history otherwise- and thus I stepped in. You may call me "Carnival" for now, it is an alias as much as toNdaEd was.
So why did he abandon us?
To put it shortly and sweetly, toNdaEd, also known as Tony by friends, has died. Don't bother looking it up, "HE"- the tree man has long since made sure there is no trace of him ever even existing- way before he met his fate. I'm sure he has likely mentioned that before.

toNdaEd was one of the most influential of "His" servants to this date- unquestionably dedicated and loyal to his cause. He had a cynical view of the world that got him far- that made life even in circumstances where nobody else would be able to manage, possible for him. I think he may have slept more nights outside than inside during his life, really.
And yet, he, too, was mortal- and met with the same fate all that is living, eventually will.

There are messages waiting for him- people that waited to talk to him- and he did not make it back from his last mission to reply to any. I apologise for not making it in until now; I will do my best to answer whatever questions I can, and humbly continue on from where he left off. I will have to go through his old posts, so it may take some time for me to get on track with what he has been doing here during these years. I cannot promise I am as informed as he is, nor can I promise such experience as his- but I have worked with him personally- I knew him with his mask off and I have housed him when I was still living within the confines of society. He may have mentioned me, or a "group" of some sort, he may have not- I don't know yet. I'll make some kind of an informatory post once I'm done getting through all this, but right now it seems like his main objective was to educate and update, as well as keep an eye out on some of the possible to-be proxies. I'll carry on his torch and do my best at it- although I can't promise any answers as accurate as his may have been. After all, secrets are something this community will likely never not have. You may direct questions here or private message me, I will keep going under this account although I will likely be updating the profile soon.

Lastly, a warning.
This community is becoming unreliable. Smaller. Much, much smaller and much more unstable. There are more liars and more misinformed going around than ever before- do not buy into their lies. Trust might just get you killed, so don't put too much weight on other people, proxies, or even the forces you serve- such as "him".
We're dying out.
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PostSubject: Re: A fate.   A fate. I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2018 10:25 pm

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A fate.
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