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 A new problem arisen in life.

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PostSubject: A new problem arisen in life.   Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:10 am

In my life of paranormal I've had plenty of issues. But none so much as this pipsqueak that calls himself a hunter has given me.
If anyone is active and would like a nice little job to pass the time, I've got a man camped somewhere within my town, sending me empty threats through an email account with a fake name.
Before anyone mentions yes I am attempting to catch him myself. But I figured this community should know of what I've been up to as of late since I haven't been around as much.
As a vampire I knew I'd get problems but this child, I say child because he is no true man based on his actions towards me. First of all, what true vampire hunter would contact who he hunts, second, he has yet to do anything but hide behind the email and threaten me for the last 2 weeks.

I know I don't hunt anymore, I don't have active field work with our Tall friend. But this boy has gone against everything. He calls himself a witch, I have yet to see any craft, he says he'll kill me. I have yet to experience any pain from him.

Really I'd just like him to go away. But alas that will prove harder than usual.

Good evening and goodnight my fellow proxies and friends. Darkness guide you.
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PostSubject: Re: A new problem arisen in life.   Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:15 pm

I'd mUch apPreAciAte sOme dEtails oN tHis, bUt I mAy bE abLe tO seNd sOmebOdy tO hElp yOu oUt a liTTle... sLeepEr or bRute, iS a bEttEr qUestiOn thOugh. Do yOu wAnt tO crEep him oUt fiRst oR shOuld wE jUst atTaCk wiThoUt mUch WarNinG? UnfOrtUnatEly I cAnnOt diVerT mY atTenTion frOm mY cUrReNt miSSiOn bUt I mAy bE abLe tO gEt sOme nEweR prOxy fRom nEarBy tO dO thIs- I wOuldn'T bE suRprIseD sinCe eLimiNatIng fOes in tHe fIeld eFFecTivEly iS a fAilprOof wAy tO gAin stAtus, aNd I hAve a fEw prOmisIng cAndiDates iN miNd.

NoW aS fOr mY oWn oPinIoN,
GiVen tHat tHe "hUntEr" hAsn't rEalLy prOvEn anYthiNg, I dOn't sEe tHe nEed oF iMmediAteLy oFFing him- mY iDeAl pLaN iS tO sEnd sOmeOne cApaBlE of oBsErviNg aNd lEt tHem stAlk hiM fOr a wHilE, aNd iF he aCtuaLly pRovEs hiMsElf tO bE a sAfeTy hAzaRd, We'D dO sOmetHing abOut iT. ThIs iS alSo whY I'm cOmfOrtAble wiTh thE iDea oF lEttiNg a lEss ExpEriEncEd prOxy hAndlE iT, tOo. As lOng aS thEy aRe aBle tO sTay uNseEn anD uNnoTicEd, I thInk a mOre AdVanCed tHan abSolUte nEwbiE, (mAybe a yEar oR sO oF tHis iN exPeriEnce) cOulD alSo HaNdlE iT... I'd liKe tO hEar yOur iNpUt, toO, tHouGh.
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PostSubject: Re: A new problem arisen in life.   Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:14 pm

Just block the guy hes probably just using it as in excuse to be a dick
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PostSubject: Re: A new problem arisen in life.   

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A new problem arisen in life.
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