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 Slender man and apocalyptic dreams

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PostSubject: Slender man and apocalyptic dreams   Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:44 am

so recently ive been experiencing dreams about a sort of thing where donald trump is elected and he sends troops to Canada and mexico as a blitzkrieg and then he spreads his power throughout the world and before that he sends minorities to prison camps(FEMA camps look them up) and then the whole dream ending with the world exploding into all out nuclear war and then i woke up

and recently ive been following the news more frequently in order to see whats happening and each time a dream comes true. Could this be slender man warning me or a byproduct of the sigma radiation
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PostSubject: Re: Slender man and apocalyptic dreams   Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:55 pm

I imAgiNe thAt wOuld jUst bE a niGhtmAre. HE dOesn't tEnd tO dO anYthiNg abOut hUman pOliTics, aS thAt iS iRRelEvaNt fOr thE enTirE prOxy cOmmUniTy fOr thE mOst pArt. SOundS VeRy uNlikEly tHat trUmp'd bE abLe tO dO thAt, tOo, bEcaUse I dOn't tHink thE miLitAry wOulD agRee wiTh hIs gOals aNd whAt hAppEneD in tUrkEy wOulD hAppEn hErE, tOo, exCept iT wOulDn't bE an iNsiDe JOb anD tHe miLitAry wOulD wiN prEtty qUicKly.
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Slender man and apocalyptic dreams
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