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 my first horrible paranoia attack

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i used to smile
i used to smile

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PostSubject: my first horrible paranoia attack   Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:32 am

earlyer today aroun 1 am i got realy badly paranoid .. but i dididnt realy knew at first that it was a paranoia attack .. tho at the time this was happening i was talkin with cel panthomathive .. so like .. he managed to calm me down ... and then it ame out i had this horrible paranoia attack that lasted like 15 minutes .... i felt like a small kid that got scared of thedark or had a horrible nightmare .. it got real bad .. i was curled up , huging my pillow and shaking .. but im quite happy tat cel or as i call him grell since i got kinda used on using his skype nick .....but he calmed me down and yea .. right now im kinda dizzy and have a awfull headache .. but im more wooried about how im hoing to controll these .. cuz this paranoia attack litteraly came out of nowhere .. and i dont realy want to get hit by them .. ar random times .. but i guess ir will take some time to take em under control .. so it woulnt get as bad at it was .. so yay
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my first horrible paranoia attack
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