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 More weirdness

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i used to smile
i used to smile

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PostSubject: More weirdness   Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:33 am

Me and my proxy friend were talking recently ... We were talkin about slender sickness and dreams we get as usual ... She told me that the simptoms got realy strong ... And her aunt noticed ... Well the thing is her aunt is concidering taking her to a doctor after she noticed... But ... Can doctors find slender sickness ... Like if they do what do they say .... Cuz i need to kinda help her with this .. Shes stressed about will the doctor find out ... Well she tried to talk her ount out of the idea sayn shes ok .. But .. It didintbseem to woork ... So thats one ...
She also told me that its actialy even harder to control emotions now ... Which same aplies to me. ... And yea help .. Pwease...
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More weirdness
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