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 Weird dream...

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PostSubject: Weird dream...   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:37 am

Hey,I haven't been on in a while... but I had another dream about three months ago on April 2. I made a journal entry on another website. So, here it is...

(note: in this dream I switched from being myself to some guy named Steve... don't judge)

It started off with me, my mom, and my grandma in a car. we were running/driving away from a bunch of guys who wanted to take/kidnap me... I don't know why. We sopped to eat somewhere once we lost them, but when we came back out they were following us again.

Somehow we ended up on a plane after the car chasing. So then I was running through the plane (an extremely large plane... I think it was a plane) My mom and grandma were behind me bcuz I can obviously run faster. But the guys trying to get me were faster than them as well. Eventually I ended up in a dome like room on this 'plane' that had a set of steps leading into it and another set leading out. I started up the other steps, but stopped bcuz they now had my mom and grandma captured.

Needless to say, I went back down and attempted to beat up one of the guys. which didn't go well bcuz he was huge.

Somehow it ended up being a court trial type thing.
(at this point, I think I become steve)
I was standing in front of a fence, only a little taller than me. Behind the fence was a creature that was 'reenacting' what I was in court for seeing. This creature had long claws on both hands and was a sickly white color. it reminded me of a female version of the Rake. (a creepypasta) In front of the creature was a bucket. It dipped one set of claws in and brought them out dripping red. At first, I thought it was red paint... But then I came to the conclusion it was most likely blood.

It raised the claws dripping blood and splattered it across the walls and fencing that was separating us. I was asked questions if this was how it looked and happened. I said yes and my fear increased tremendously. The creature kept repeating dipping its claws in and splattering the blood. At one point, either the blood or the claw caused the only light to go out.

Everything was silent.

No voice asking me questions. No splattering or splashing. I couldn't see anything.... But I could feel the thing staring at me. My eyes got big in an attempt to see and I got really, really scared. I knew the fence probably wasn't high enough to keep the creature inside and I questioned that before hand, but now I knew it was true. From some sort of memory, I'm assuming this had happened before, I sprinted down the corridor. The flooring was only a metal grate that had holes in it so I could see below it. I reached a room that was cluttered with junk and hid in their, just around the corner. Trying to be silent.

I could here the thing pacing just behind the fencing across from the room I was hiding in. I willed it to go away, and it did after a few minutes.

I was still tense and scared, though. when I turned around to see if I could get any farther into the room, there was a deer head mounted on the wall. A buck. It started talking to me (>.< I know, weird. I have no explanation) I believe it said something along the lines of, 'You're doomed, Steve" or "It will be back, Steve"

This is when I woke up I think. But I stayed frozen for about ten minutes, only moving to pull one of my legs back under my comforter. Of course my mind expanded on the dream while I was awake and I imagined the creature got into the domed room that I was in as me before and I could hear the screams as it slaughtered people, then hear it walking back towards the room I was hiding in as Steve.

I stared at the wall across my room, making the connection between the creature in my dream and The Rake. I didn't look at the foot of my bed for fear of seeing the rake and sealing my fate. I couldn't get the dream out of my head and I was getting cramped from being in the same position for so long. So I slowly rolled to my other side thinking the whole time, "it's the rake, it's the rake, it's gotta be the rake. No shut up. thinking about him will only make him come" I still didn't look at the foot of my bed and went back to sleep... so I'm beyond paranoid right now after writing this and I keep getting chills even though i'm not cold and it isn't cold in the house. I'm attempting not to freak out...

Let me say that right now I am home alone and will be for the rest of the day until around 3. and when I woke up from this dream, my family was up getting ready for school and work.

So that's it... I know a lot of it is stupid,but the bloody part is what really had me on edge... for a few nights after, I wouldn't sleep on my left side at all because that was the side I woke up from the dream on. since then I don't believe I've had anymore dreams like that. If I have I can't remember them.

Another thing, I have a small section of woods outside my house. I keep wanting really badly to go walk down the path and I'll get really happy about it for a second. Then I'll get a strong sense of dark foreboding... And I get super anxious and almost sick to even think about it. I had to dump a wheel barrel of weeds just at the opening/beginning of the woods and I got extremely hyped from being just barely inside them.

Sorry this is long and for any typos. I'm extremely paranoid while writing this.
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Weird dream...
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