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 Is slenderman stalking me? sounds weird

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PostSubject: Is slenderman stalking me? sounds weird   Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:23 am

okay so im trying not to sound crazy and sometimes i think im over thinking things but this is the place to talk about this subject i hope.
So i recently downloaded Slender the arrival. i beat the game and later that night while i had a friend over i had a dream me and her were in the woods. Shes running and terrified and i was fine and calm. then there he is chasing her , so i yelled for him and he teleported from a dark mist
right in front of me and talked telepathically. i said "please do not kill her" and he bent down got close to my face and in my head i heard "only if you promise to help me ' and i said 'okay' and i woke up.

the next day i had the urge to take her to sunset park which is a forest. i drew the operator symbol on my hand for some stupid reason. and we drew a bunch of pictures from 8 pages.which we put around the forest. cause we are stupid. it was my idea . and i even mentioned that i should hide and she find the eight pages. she got scared and made me take her home

i cant write much because its storming and my lights keep trying to give in. so ill try to be fast..

i have been having headaches for a week now and i never get them, now it could just be hormones so lol.
I have been so exhausted , which could also be hormones..

I have been hearing twinkle noises aswell. i dont know if thats even relevant.
im not paranoid. i really wouldnt mind seeing him and im honestly not afraid of what he does so im not even sure that he would go after me.

All i know is kids attract to me, the neighborhood kids do so maybe hes not after me but one of them and maybe im just picking it up. i dont know. i am 15 so im sure he goes After much younger groups.

i love the forest and woods, im naturally drawn to them,i have been since i was a child. plus i live in Missouri so, woods are everywhere.
its very easy to be around them lol.

i hear strange noises that my friends cant hear when we are out walking at night and thats what made me to think this. i havent seen him in person, at least i dont think i have so i dont know. this started recently..

also,yesterday after waking up i went onto ask.fm and one of the likers were "slenderman" it freaked me out for a second but i laughed and sent the person a heart and they replied with smiley. talk about ironic , his names said "Темные леса
Убиваю which i translated on google. its black forest and killing.

Then i hear about proxies. my brothers friend who lives with us now, has coughing fits and coughs up blood every morning. lol i know thats a supposed symptom. i think he just needs to go to the hospital lol
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i used to smile
i used to smile

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PostSubject: Re: Is slenderman stalking me? sounds weird   Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:59 pm

Well, is anything happening to your friend? Just wondering because some of my friends are having Slender Sickness symtoms along with me.

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PostSubject: Re: Is slenderman stalking me? sounds weird   Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:53 am

As a proxy/former proxy, I used to have the same symptoms. Monitor yourselves and make sure you aren't putting yourselves in very dangerous situations. It'll get better I promise, even if it does feel like your shit is hitting the fan it does get better.
Basically paranoia is a huge symptom. Along with dreams/nightmares, visions, voices, you'll have weird urges like operator symbol and signs of sickness. Slender sickness you can get through. Don't worry. It happens and you will get better. He's watching. Don't freak out.
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PostSubject: Re: Is slenderman stalking me? sounds weird   

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Is slenderman stalking me? sounds weird
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