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PostSubject: Insomnia    Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:09 pm

I have the strongest insomnia ever. It seems to get worse each time. I get increasingly paranoid that there is someone watching or waiting for me. A few nights ago, while I slept, some one was moving objects around in my room. They even peed in my closet. I know its not animals because we have burglar bars and we have regular check ups of pest control. My entire family was asleep. affraid Two nights ago it happened again. Someone was moving stuff in my room while I slept. We checked the security footage this time and there was no activity in the hallway that connected the rooms so it couldn't have been my family. And I know I am not sleep walking. (when i was a kid i did sleep walk. Often I would go outside and climb a tree. sometimes I would wake up in the woods nearby my house) I know its not me because it would show up on the cameras.
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