Welcome, to a thread dedicated to the discussion of our mystical friend Slender Man!
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 4 Dreams of Slender

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PostSubject: 4 Dreams of Slender   Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:54 am

I had four different dreams of slender the first one wasn't all that special
#1      I was in some hotel or two story building and I looked out the window and saw him I got freaked out stepped away from the window then I realized I want to see him I go back to the window and he was gone

the second one was after I stopped being paranoid and was slowly forgetting about it I was sleeping at my cousins one room apartment
#2       ok I'm in the same place I'm sleeping and I go to the bathroom I look in the mirror then I turned off the lights and then back on again I'm looking in the mirror and he's behind me then everything get dark that's all I remember
and a little note on this one I was looking up how to summon him and this was one of the ways here's a link to were I found it http://www.funnyjunk.com/channel/morbid-channel/How+to+summon+the+Slender+Man/mMnbGzZ/ and I had the dream before I looked it up

the third one is the one the convince me that I might have been being stalked for a wile here's the back store to the house that I'm at in the dream it is in a wooded area it was kinda actually in the woods and I had nightmares all the time in that house one of them makes me thing now that he took me to a place were he to the other kids but yeah and my uncle said he herd footsteps in the hall and my dog would always bark well at the time we thought ghost but after this dream I think it might have been slender
#3        I went back to my old house in the woods to investigate well by night fall I notice a tall shadow figure well I know it was slender so I ran then I got my mom and we drove back to our current house well he followed us and he's standing out side of the living room window now I go to my room and now he's in the hall way
I don't remember much but that's basically what happened

ok the fourth is short and not all that special
#4        ok I'm not shore but it seems as if I'm at my school or some kind of classroom looking environment and he appears out of no were and I intently walk up to him now he's taking me some were I asked him
I don't remember what he said so that info is lost to me

well that's all the dreams I have had on him that I remember
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4 Dreams of Slender
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