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 Croatian Files. Slenderman is back

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PostSubject: Croatian Files. Slenderman is back   Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:37 pm

"Hi guys, some months ago I found an interesting series that I want to share and put in common. Croatian Files, some spanish erasmus students in Croatia found a Hard disc drive in the room where they live, inside it there is a folder called CroatianFiles, full of videos, and there is where Slenderman appears.

this is the youtube chanel:
the playlist with english subtitles:

I make this post because I just saw this picture:

They are going to upload videos again, or that it seems. Hope you enjoy it, I love File #10"

Source: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1002521#1002521
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Croatian Files. Slenderman is back
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