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 Another short dream

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PostSubject: Another short dream   Tue May 28, 2013 9:44 pm

Well last night I had multiple dreams that were mixed up into one. But the strange one was in the beginning myself and someone else, a little girl were playing around where the woods were, so as we were playing the girl tells me to look to the woods (That don't have TO many trees) and when I look I see the Slenderman standing there. He doesn't have tentacles or anything, just a plain suit and the usual features about it. We don't run though and just stand there. After I make a hand motion to wave, he waves back as if everything was normal, and that's when it ended that part of the dream.

Should I be worried or is it for nothing? Because awhile ago I had two or three other Slenderman dreams and one hallucination of him.
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Another short dream
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