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 Let's Create a Movie (Written by you)

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PostSubject: Let's Create a Movie (Written by you)    Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:27 am

My name is Randy Mitchell and I represent I.F.Studios and we want to make the first full length Slender Man Movie, written by the internet. This movie will be free on YouTube. It's main goal is following 6 kids that come in contact with Billy. Billy is a character who is currently possessed by Slender Man. Billy is living his life in the realm that Slender calls home, but since only your soul can live in the Slender Realm, you body is free for Slender to posses and do what he wants.

The six kids come in contact with Billy, who convinces them to follow him into the woods in search of a better life.
Tyler (Main Character)
Jessica (The girl of Tyler's Dream)

On their walk into the woods the start to talk about Billy (Who is leading them but far out of hearing range). How he is so distant, and how he never seems to say a word, almost like you just know what he wants. They are mostly explaining this to Jessica who was brought by Josh and never actually met Billy.

Suddenly Billy (Slender) becomes aware of the conversation and much like the sounds you hear from Audio and Video recording software the comes in contact with Slender, all the Teens ears start hearing the same high pitch ringing sound. They soon drop to the ground and .....

They wake up in separate places. Only Tyler is shown. He grabs his ear, it's bleeding. He hears a scream, it's Jessica. "I'm COMING" he screams. He runs. The screen darkens. A chain fence is heard (As he climbs it). SLENDER....

That's it, I have given you the characters, and the beginning plot. You write whatever you want. What happens? Slender man controls thoughts, provokes dreams, changes and erases memories, is there a way out? Are they ever safe? You decide, you reply.

(Everything you will write will be adapted and someway be in the movie, we are pledging a goal of 50 thousand dollars on Indiegogo, I will post the link later in replies on this forum. The more we raise, the more crazy events you describe will happen. See you soon and happy creating.)

Here is the script so far as this was originally posted on Reddit and has moved across many platforms to get the best results from the widest arrea of fans.

(Tyler Standing in front of camera. Focused on Billy sitting on a bench in front of him motionless)

Tyler: I Don’t see how I can do that, I can’t just leave, I can’t just run away.

(Tyler pacing back and forth in front of the camera talking to Billy)
Tyler: You know my parents aren't like that though, they love me, not like your’s.
(Camera Shot)
Tyler: STOP! Stop saying that about them, they love me

(Tyler turns around to face the camera and walks off shot. Focus drawn to Billy as the camera starts to fuzz and jumps to Slender standing behind Billy with Slenders hand on Billy's shoulder. Billy motionless with a terrified look and suddenly pasty white face)
(Slender disappears as tyler starts to turn around)

Tyler: Fine, I’ll come check it out, but no guarantee if I am staying.

(End Of Scene)

(Tyler fiddles with a camera, then turns it on to reveal him facing a mirror)
Tyler: Well I decided to run away, but, I am not staying. Well I might. I just want to check it out first, make sure it is really what I want to do before I stay. So I decided to bring this camera with me. I don’t actually have a reason, I guess just to have it.

(Tyler shuts camera off.)
(Camera turns on during packing and leaving for a couple seconds)

(Tyler leaving for school in the morning with an over packed backpack. Just as he opens the door)

Mom: Tyler honey? Is that you?
Tyler: Yes Mom?

(Mom walks around the corner)

Mom: Tyler honey, why are you leaving so early? It’s only 6:30?
Tyler: I have band practice Mom, I need to be their early so we can practice for the concert next weekend.
Mom: Oh, where’s your instrument?
Tyler: I left it at school Mom.
Mom: Do you want a drive?
Tyler: No Mom!
Mom: Oh, well alright. Have a good day, I love you.
Tyler: Yeah....I love you too mom.

(Tyler shuts the door, takes a deep breath to hold in the tears and walks away)

(Tyler walks up to the other kids and is surprised to see other people there. The second he makes Eye contact with Billy, Billy turns around and leaves, walking into the woods. The kids stand around confused and follow him falling into pairs with Tyler trailing in the back with no one beside him)

Jess: Hey, HEY! What’s the hurry? (Jess runs up from behind)
Tyler: I guess Billy has somewhere to be.
Jess: Tyler, you’re here too? (Surprised)
Tyler: Jess? Yeah..(Shocked and love struck) ..yeah, of course I would be here. I wouldn’t miss out on this for the world.
Jess: Yeah, same...
Josh: Jess, I told you Billy was the one taking us to the better place.
Jess: Oh Crap! Josh? I didn’t even see you there.
Josh: Well I didn’t know you were so in love with Tyler, or I would’ve mentioned that he was here too.
Jess & Tyler: We’re not in love.
Jess & Tyler: That was weird.
Jess: Anyway, who the hell is Billy.
Josh: He is Billy.
Jess: Hi Billy!
Billy: (Silence)
Jess: Not a talker I guess...
Tyler: You could say that.
Jess: So where are we going?
Josh: Some sort of hidden Tree Forest where kids live.
Steven (Beside Josh): Kinda like Peter Pan.
Josh: Except we aren’t a bunch of gay kids.
Courtney: And now captain Hook. (In front of Josh)
Jess: Seems a little suspicious, how come I haven’t heard of this secret forest before?
Justin (Beside Courtney): They say a million and a half years ago when we were all caveman, and they used to beat their children. They decided to all run away and they made this Tree Forest, then when they turn 18 they were either killed or just appeared out of the forest all adults.
Steven: Shut up Justin.
Jess: So then it is like peter pan.
Tyler: Don’t listen to them. That’s not what Billy said at all.
Jess: Then what did he say?
Tyler: He just said that life would be better out here, that we wouldn’t have to worry about bullies and he and the people that recruit people make sure that everyone wants to get along. and isn’t like a secret killer.
Justin: Then why is Josh here.
Josh: Shut up Tompkins!
Justin: Oue scared!
Courtney: What else did Billy say?
Tyler: Didn’t you talk to him?
Josh: No, I told her.
Tyler: Well, I don’t know really. He doesn’t say much.
Josh: Actually he doesn’t really say anything, you just kinda know what he want’s to tell you.
Jess: Like he is psychic or deaf?
Tyler: No, more like...It just...It’s like he talks to your brain.
Courtney: How is that possible...?
Tyler: I am not sure, it just kinda happens.
Jess: This is all very weird..

(Billy noticing what the group is talking about stops and starts to turn around. As he does a loud ear piercing sound is heard and the entire group drops to the knees and covers their ears, as the start to black out. All except Billy who just stands there and watches.)
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Let's Create a Movie (Written by you)
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