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 The Slender Effect (2013) - 14min psychological horror short film

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PostSubject: The Slender Effect (2013) - 14min psychological horror short film   Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:17 pm


So this is a short film we made. I've directed it and I also did most of the technical stuff including cinematography and editing. And the best part is, this is wholly under the copyright of Brainfog Productions! We even did the soundtrack ourselves with my band. Some copyright free sound effects have been used though, anyone can use them, just download from freesounds.org.

We wanted to do a little different kind of Slender Man film, meaning that we didn't wanna go into the mockumentary kind of Blairwitch Project style thing. Instead I did it my way. This is not my first short film and I've studied film making for a year so I had some experience, but mainly all others who were involved were pretty much first timers.

The story involves a little girl and her teddy having a breakfast and suddenly they are interrupted with strange noises...

Anyways, watch the film, tell me what thoughts did it give you and if you want to, you can follow us on facebook!

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The Slender Effect (2013) - 14min psychological horror short film
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