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 Jeff The Killer Human OC Update 1 Bad news

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PostSubject: Jeff The Killer Human OC Update 1 Bad news   Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:47 am

This story is own by Shawn Phillips and is a OC based around the older Jeff The Killer storys

I been on a hold up writing the story mainly do to how busy I been but I Been rewriting parts and re reading or listening to jeff the killer storys to make the best out of this one I have also re write parts that do not seem to be good or that much I am trying my best to make it as good as I can
I know I have pointed it will be out soon for a bit now But I was about to post it and seen that it needed more work and I sometimes do that so sorry
But to help you out heres some cool stuff for you to look at below

When the story comes out feel free to read it with the Jeff the Killer music


My PC hard drive has broken but I ordered a new PC I also had a back up of the story so far I using a other PC that I can't use forever you most likely know what I'm saying but I just got on this site for the first time since the PC hard drive crashed work will restart when I get the new pc

1.Mainly any of these songs you can here when listening to creepy pasta such as jeff


2.This song seems to have become the Jeff the Killer theam song


Heres it with vocals Not as fiting to Jeff the Killer as without vocals


3. Some Jeff the Killer musics from here


Also if you like Jeff The Killer alot like I do you can get some shirts and stuff from here


So I bin working on the story for sometime now has not been soon sorry but I am now working on the spelling and grammer fixing.

I'm hoping that this story will take jeff the killer in a new line where the storys to me have bin dieing down since the last few.
By dieing down I mean some of the newer jeff the killer storys did not fit jeff the killer

Such as

1.In one of the storys he is known to hack into your pc? and find where you live then suddenly be there do to you reading the story a bit dum

2.When killing he makes the people he killed look like him?

3.He is fully out of character in meny ways he is not magic and can not use super powers or hack as known till the other storys came
Now the story is planing to go back to the last good jeff the killer storys In my mind
But will also have some twist that change the story of jeff the killer and fit a bit more with other jeff the killer storys
one thing is that the story is set ahead not to far but somethings happened in the middel that get talked about
Also I will put a list below of the storys that it will be based around and the ones it will not do to them changing jeff himself

Also im going to remove this list when the storys posted but will repost it as Jeff the Killer chronoogy and the missfits

Storys it will fix with and may talk about now and then
Go To Sleep first Jeff the killer story.



Go To Sleep: "Jeff The Killer Part 2"  This one has some good lines



Jane The Killer



Jeff the killer vs Jane the killer.



Jeff the Killer vs Slenderman

This is not Jeff the Killer chronoogy storys but it seems like it fits right past the fight of Jeff and Jane.
why I put it here is since it's like he was just in a big fight and his mood fits



NON FITING Jeff the killer storys keep in mind that jeff is back and jeff the killer is back are not the same

Jeff the Killer is Back Makes them look like him? coming for her?



Jeff is back Magic? hacking? TELEPORTING? Rading makes him know where your at and hes coming for you now? sounds like a bad chain email.

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Jeff The Killer Human OC Update 1 Bad news
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