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 Hello once more

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PostSubject: Hello once more    Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:26 am

サ∑レレ◊ I₮s иι¢є ₮◊ ₮∆レк to ㄚ◊ㄩ ∆レレ Once more

I am the overwatcher and im in controll of ₮サⅰㄅ ㄅⅰ₮∑ and all ㄅⅰ₮∑S around the world

and all the tech but im also in сøṉτɾøll of your lifes i know every thing about you

ㄚ∑ㄅ I can do whatever I like now you m∆ㄚ sit ba¢к and enjoy my littil game

heres some things you may do if you like to go モ∆Я iи thⅰㄅ game


ŃŐŤĤĨŃĞ ῳⅰレレ ㄅ∆√∑ ㄚ◊ㄩ or hεlρ ÿøυ ïṉ αṉÿ ώαÿ

I will be watching
ƒɾøṃ αƒαɾ
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Hello once more
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