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 I'd like to tell my experience with slendy.

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PostSubject: I'd like to tell my experience with slendy.   Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:33 pm

I'm fairly new to this forum. I only made this account because i can't keep telling the same "I'm alright" lie to people. I want to tell you my true experiences, and to start, yes i do believe he is real.

It all started at my friend Chris's house over the summer of 2012 (this year when im posting) and i was doing a bit of research to the Slender game, this was all right before everyone started getting into the mythos. It seemed interesting, tall guy, weird supernatural stuff when around him. I got into it, but i didn't realize that I didn't know what it was that made me think he was familiar. That was until Chris remembered something. He brought back a memory; when we were kids, I freaking out at the field behind his house. I was yelling at him that their was a very Slender Man in uniform was by the woods. Chris saw him, because once i pointed him out he realized that there was something there, then it disappeared after looking away.
That was in 5th grade. Four years later here I am typing this. Anyways I got into slender man, started researching alot. I devoted almost whole days to him. Around time when school started in august i saw him again. It was at the edge of the woods in front of my house. Now i live in the middle of the forest, with a pond behind my house. So I'm used to seeing things, but a Slender Man in a suit stands out! I saw him within the month 3 times after that. Not only seeing him, but ever since I have been getting headaches, nausea, and i black out alot. None of these I have ever been hampered with in the past. Now its October, and the last time i saw him was the end of September.
I had some friends over, about 8 of my closest friends. Around 11pm my two friends Emily and Tara decided to take a walk around in the woods behind my house. I refused to go but they dragged me with them because I know my way around most of the property. I was on edge, ever since this started in the summer I've been going insane from fear and obsession. Anyways we went back into the woods, me, Emily and Tara, and a flashlight. I had my knife out that I always carry on my person. We went deep into the woods, farther than I've ever been. We got lost since it was almost pitch black without the light. Emily and tara wouldn't shut up about being scared, so they handed me the flashlight and I stepped on ahead. A few minutes later they were really quiet. I turned to say something to them, but to my surprise they weren't there. I thought they were pulling a prank, so i laughed and was looking around while talking to myself. I couldn't find them anywhere though. At that point my flashlight started going haywire, flickering on and off and such. Then my head started pounding, like something hit me. I turned to look and saw HIM. He was standing there in between trees, about 10 yards away, closer to me than ever. I knew it was real just by seeing him. He moved forward to me, a few feet, but I couldn't tell you how, it was fast, like a blink of an eye. But him moving drove me to my knees, I started going dizzy, and all i remember was falling over until i blacked out.
Next thing i know I woke up right next to the pond behind my house. No remembrance of getting there or walking, it was almost midnight though, so some time had past. I ran home to find my other friends waiting for me outside, they got worried because I came back alone. I realized that the girls weren't there, they were back in the forest somewhere. I don't know why but i told them to follow, without waiting i sprinted back into the woods. I found them near the edge of the pond. Relieved at first, but they were angry with me. They were yelling that I ditched them, like i disappeared into thin air. I got really confused, because i remember them disappearing on me. I told them what happened and they said that it was like i became invisible. I still don't get what happened to this day, but I haven't been back into the woods either.

All I want are some answers to whats happening, in the weeks after that incident I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, even though i go to bed and wake up the same times everyday it feels as if I've been up all night. Also i wake up every few times to find myself injured. The latest was last week, and I have a giant gash going down my shoulder. 2 weeks ago I woke up to find my window open and cuts down both my arms, the same kind of cuts I've had before from climbing my roof. I don't understand what's happening. I want to know why this is happening. Most of all I just wanted to tell someone my story to get it off of my chest and not have to hide this. To those who read it, thanks for sticking through to the end of this!
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PostSubject: Re: I'd like to tell my experience with slendy.   Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:49 pm

I think you should read this before you post anything more
just to help you out and keep the site neat

PS:it be best posted in the slenderman thread

you can just copy and paste it on a new topic on that thread
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I'd like to tell my experience with slendy.
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