Welcome, to a thread dedicated to the discussion of our mystical friend Slender Man!
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 My ideas on slenderman (WARNING Facts inside) look at your won risk

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PostSubject: My ideas on slenderman (WARNING Facts inside) look at your won risk   Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:13 am

Well i my self am also a man of science so i believe nothing can be 100% positive but I'm also very fond of the idea of other world dimensions and being odd mix i know and like most who like slenderman i like creepypasta and urban legends i do not think allot are real but that still is not stopping me think of it as reading a fairy tail or si-fi (BTW Si-fi has Meany spellings)
you know there not real but they pull you in and use you imagination
but it's not unlikely to study the idea and facts behind something there is a book out there
of a study on the idea of slenderman From Fiction To Fact
i own it my self and it is a good read even with the spelling errors the maker did not fix
also the man is not a scientist or any thing but a exorcist so he works for god
so he is not putting any facts up but a big group or galaxy of story's (Galaxy a cluster of stars) of story that others say are real and may be but there always some one lying or deception some where or maybe a stretch of truth but still it gives a nice amount of info on the slenderman like about how Der Ritter and Der gobberman are photo shops he also compares the slenderman to death talking about the similarity's between them both
you can get his book at the link below but lets go into fact based ideas there is a few ideas based on facts that have bin studied and are science related like the Tulpa Effect and Quantum Theory you can find links at the end also they also tell you how slenderman is one of them and a basic info on what it is and how it works also not a big read as I'm making XD

Also me my self have seen him when i was a kid he stand in my hallway and watch me i ran and scream and when i got my mom or dad there he was gone also will i was doing some work a Slender Man in a suit walk by in the hallway of the building i was in but i was to busy to go in there and look to see if it was slenderman or just a Slender Man in a suit i also think i seen it once outside but i never Reilly get a good look and it may be do to over active imagination or just a mistake in what I'm seeing

Slenderman Fiction to fact book http://www.amazon.com/Slenderman-Fiction-Robin-S-Swope/sim/1477507795/2?o=9

Quantum Theory http://theslenderman.wikia.com/wiki/Quantum_Theory

The Tulpa Effect http://theslenderman.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tulpa_Effect

also i do not use periods or ? or ! that much sorry about that I'm not a big fan of that so feel free to pretend they are there XD
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PostSubject: Re: My ideas on slenderman (WARNING Facts inside) look at your won risk   Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:31 pm

i see what youre saying i have not personally seen slender nor do i ever want to but he may be waching over you, i belive he may a good guy by seeing youre death if it is tragic or just plain grusiom he takes youre life before it happens. we might not ever know of his reson just hope its a good ones.
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My ideas on slenderman (WARNING Facts inside) look at your won risk
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