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PostSubject: Forget   Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:06 am

Running. All I can remember is running. But running from what? Think, think you idiot! What was I running from? Wait am I still in the forest? Too many question, all I know now is that I'm in a forest and I need to run.

So that is what I do, I run, and I run until I nearly collapse from exuastion. I need to run, but I can't, I have to catch my breath and collect my thoughts. So I sit, my back against a large Oak tree, just now realizing I have on a backpack. Why would I bring a backpack? I open the pack and dump out its contents in front of me.

YES, a flashlight. I turn it on and look at everything else in front of me. All that I can see is some spare batteries and 7 pieces of paper, wait they have something written on them. The first one says "Always Watches, No Eyes". Does it mean someones watching me? The second says "Don't Look, Or It Takes You". Maybe this is why I'm running, but what is it I'm running from? The third page is only a drawing of a Slender Man between nine trees. Maybe this Slender Man is who I'm running from. The fourth is a drawing of the "Slender Man" again and it says "FOLLOWS". So I now know why I'm running and I have a small idea of what is following me. I stop reading because I hear a noise, my flashlight dies and the blackness of night washes over me. I feel the pressence of someone so I shout "Who's there!". And then everything is quiet, my flashlight turns back on and it feels as if nothing happened at all.

I go back to reading the pages, the fifth page says "Leave Me Alone" and has a drawing of a single tree. Is this the "Slender Man's" home? Is he mad at me for being here and telling me to leave? I go on to the sixth and it states a simple request, "Help Me". Help who? Is he following someone else? All these questions and no answers. I move to the last page, and it is a drawing of the "Slender Man" and the word "NO" scattered on the page around the drawing. Did it find the other person he was following? Was he even following another person, or am I loosing my sanity? All i know is I need to get out of this forest so I gather up all of the pages and stuff them in the bag, and take off running in the same direction I was before.

I am running, and I keep running until I hear a scream. There is someone else here with me in the forest, and by the sound of the scream I can tell it is a woman. I must help her, so I run in the direction of the scream and I come into a clearing, and there he is, the "Slender Man". He is crouched over a woman, and hes.... hes eating her. The sounds of his teeth tearing into her flesh, the sound of bones cracking and the sound of the blood as it drips down his face. He knows I'm here now, because he gets up and slowly turns to me. I see what the Woman was trying to do, because behind the Slender Man, on a tree is a page, probably a page written by her trying to leave clues for me so I could help her escape. But there is only one escape, and that is death. There has to be another way. It can't end like this, but then he is upon me and all he does is look at me, then he just melts into the trees and I collapse.

I awake in the clearing at what seems like mid-day. There is no sign of the woman's body or it ever being there. All that is there is the page on the tree and my pack lying on the ground. I go to the page and all it says is "Can't Run". He has satisfyed his hunger for now, but he will be back, with a craving for the taste of my flesh. I walk out of the clearing and just beyond it is a town,the town where I live. I go home and sleep, but all I dream about is the Slender Man, ripping that poor woman to death and consuming her. I awake to the sound of my floorboards creaking, and the Slender Man is there. I thought I had safety here, I didn't think he could leave the forest, but he is here, in my town, in my house, in my room. All he does is watch me. He is driving me to the brink of insanity, and I just can't take it anymore. I reach under my bed, feeling the cold steel of a gun touch my hand, I pull it out, put it to my head and say to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Forget   Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:18 am

That's a crazy story! Nice post!
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