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 Becoming evil #1 Hatsung miku and vocaloid

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PostSubject: Becoming evil #1 Hatsung miku and vocaloid   Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:59 am

Hello this is a new topic i am starting even know i made S SUIT i am now planing to post a topic called Becoming evil every now and then today we start with vocaloid a happy singing software with tons of song made by the makers them selfs but theres another side idk if these are fan or maker made but the ones with a video to go with i think are so lets get to it ill show you how it came from being happy to its madness
or to miku fans The wide knowledge of the late madness XD

SO heres how it look around the time of its start before all the things that made it so creepy and evil here you will see one of the older videos

now here is one of the my top pick of the creepiest one of them all now you may ask WTF how did it get to be like this i will talk about my idea of how in a bit

OK now we got that out of the way lets get to the point
how did this happen

This is my idea on it the makers of this let the software thy use out to buy and own so the fans that like creepy stuff will make stuff like this easy but then you see something like this that looks like it was made by the makers of miku and all and you ask idk why any one use there cash on making something like this maybe it was a rich guy but my idea is the makers I'm not sure for all the videos but this one i am very sure was made by the makers of miku i may not be right BTW
so now you ask why? i think do to them having to say a bunch of singers that never get sick or hurt or quit or any thing do to them being from a PC thy like to try new things and some may be like [Hay lets see how good we can creep out viewers of are song] and i think we all like to creep others out not with pop ups since thy do not creep you out but scare you for a small time and there is all kinds of song types that miku has rock pop even some rap but i do not like rap myself so idk and yes there are more videos ill post the links below

I like corpse attack and bitcrush the most out of the bunch i like most rock

Links this is just the ones i like may not be creepy

it listen to this one so much that each time i hear it. it creeps me out it may not be as creepy as the rest.
Hatsune Miku - Wide Knowledge of the Late Madness

it counts what kinda of guy you are but i like most of these and others tell me there creepy
Yandere Miku scissorsroid English sub【ヤンデレ】シザーロイド

Trick and Treat [Rin & Len]

Read the words btw or you will not get why this is here
【Megurine Luka・Kagamine Len】The Red Shoe Parade ~English~ 【Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Rin】

this one i do not like that much btw
Fear Garden with English Sub - Kagamine Rin - 恐怖ガーデン - sm4907650 - HQ

I like this one allot BTW XD english is the lowest trans i never read the trans BTW XD i should sometime
Corpse Attack!! - 骸Attack!! [English/Romaji lyrics]hat

the best for last i read this one and i love the song
(Hatsune Miku and Kasane Teto) BitCrushe + English and Romaji lyrics
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Becoming evil #1 Hatsung miku and vocaloid
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