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 S SUIT HUB a link to all thats S SUIT: topic: General

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PostSubject: S SUIT HUB a link to all thats S SUIT: topic: General   Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:02 pm

Hello im the maker of S SUIT one of the first Slenderman animes at the time that i post it its still in work and has not have a ep out yet but still theres tons of post and you probly can not find them all so the post will be put here

The youtube going to be used for videos not fully a S SUIT videos thay can also be outhers

S SUIT FACEBOOK the name tells it all

A check list for what i need to do to make S SUIT

S SUIT main post this is where it starts and still gos on

Ⓧ₮サ∑ ÚŃĶŐŴŃ ŹŐŃĔⓍ all world info found here the world of S Suit BTW

Media fire downlode for old S SUIT covers not being used no more

Banners this is the place where you get banners to use as signatures on your forum profiles the banners are S SUIT banners BTW Razz

Event posts:

Map maker needed looking for map makers
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S SUIT HUB a link to all thats S SUIT: topic: General
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