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 S SUIT Banners a 2 banner now out

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PostSubject: S SUIT Banners a 2 banner now out   Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:00 am

how to use this banner can be used on any ANY forum but minecraft forums

how to use for slenderman forum:
step1 copy the url that is posted on this page

step2 go to profile

step3 go to your signature

step4 hit the insert image it looks like a photo of a tree and put the url in it

step5 go to a post you made once you saved it to see if it worked if it did not check to see if you did every thing right or have the right link
if you still do not have a photo under your text on post look for a video or how to on it or try once more i will post on here if the photos bin change or any thing that need you to redo this thanks you may need to add the img with [ ] if thay do not get put on the link at the start and the end by the site it self the end part has a /img and not a img btw



Use them now


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S SUIT Banners a 2 banner now out
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