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 Concrete Bees Episode 1 script[50% complete]

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PostSubject: Concrete Bees Episode 1 script[50% complete]   Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:32 am

Episode Name: The operator

*zooms into the window of the school to show hiroshi messing around with a camera
Mrs.Midori: Ok all of you in this class have been given a subject to make a film of. These are all mythical creatures that have been known to live in the shadows of humanity

*someone starts handing out mini things of papers that have mythical creatures written on them*

*hiroshi gets his*

* he looks at it strangely

hiroshi: Who is the operator?

* hiroshi gets up and yells *

Hiroshi: Mrs.Midori but who is the operator?

Mrs.Midori: If you dont know what it is you can feel free to look it up

*bell rings*

*people start leaving the class*

* hiroshi walks through the hallway to see his friend mika*

hiroshi says: Mika hey i got our subject today

Mika: Oh cool what is it

* hiroshi hands her the paper*

Mika: Not to ask questions but who is the operator?

Hiroshi: I dont know im gonna go look it up

*Hiroshi pulls a laptop out and puts it on a table

* hiroshi types the operator in

Hiroshi: Damn no luck

Mika: Hey whats this

*flips it over to reveal the logo*

Hiroshi: Hm ok oh wait here is a link

*He clicks on it but the computer starts to bug out

Mika: What did you do!

Hiroshi: I dont know

*operator can be seen in the backround*

Hiroshi: Crap ok let me try this

*he hits in some keys and the computer is fixed*

Mika: What was that all about

Hiroshi: I dont know but i think this is something to do about the thing were looking up read this

*he points to the part of knowing about him*

Mika: Thats it were all gonna die

Hiroshi: Get Ulric and Tacagi we need to show them this

* mika leaves the room and shows up about 3 minutes later with ulric and tacagi

Ulric: Hey hiroshi what did you want to show us

Tacagi: Im guessing this is about the movie right

Hiroshi: Just read this

*he points to the part he showed mika*

*zooms out when their reading this to the operator*

Operator: I see i have some other people to take care off

*A bunch of static appears and he is gone*

*camera starts to show up*

*zooms into tacagi*

Tacagi: Hiroshi stop zooming up on me

Hiroshi: Your supposed to say your part

Tacagi: I was getting to that

Tacagi: We are at the school at night we have had permission from Mrs.Midori to come in here for our movie to investigate Things about the operator.

*camera goes to ulric*

Ulric: Alright we are currently investigating if the operator or also known as the slender man is real.

*camera goes to mika*

Mika: I am the photographer so if we can get symbols or anything i can document them.

* The characters walk into the school*

Tacagi: Hey guys check this out

*Their is a note*

*Mika takes the note*

Mika: It says he watches?

*the picture has a tall stick figure on it*

*ulric goes into the hallway*

Tacagi: Ulric Were are you going!

Ulric: Just hold on.... Oh shit!

*camera starts bugging out and the operator is seen*

Hiroshi: Guys were are you!

Mika: Hiroshi! over here!

* the 3 are at the doorway*

*Hiroshi runs for the door with the operator behind him*

*hiroshi turns around to see if he is their but he isnt when he turns around he is their*

*the camera bugs out but you can see a tendril and hiroshi hitting the operator in the face*

=================================Part 2================================================

*hiroshi is in his school uniform and is sitting in between 3 trees with his camera in his hand*

Hiroshi in his mind: Ugh what happend why do i feel pain

*his vision slowly unblurs to show tacagi slapping him to wake up

Tacagi: Wake. Up. Wake. Up

Mika: Is it neccasary to slap him?

Tacagi: ( has crazy face) Yes he wont wake the hell up!

Hiroshi: Ah im awake ow

Mika: You got attacked by that thing we can annalyze the evidence at your house before we have to go

Hiroshi: Yeah Ugh my head hurts

-Im gonna work on the final part of this episode soon-

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PostSubject: Re: Concrete Bees Episode 1 script[50% complete]   Tue Aug 28, 2012 5:36 am

Not to bad i think its awsome but you should work on making your own proxy's to it help to have others that you made up yourself since the operator has bin used in tribe twelve as the one with the glasses i think it be fun to draw him in anime myself and i think this is a good idea i like the way your starting the story i think you need some more proxy's to show up later and not just the operator but who am i to say you don't since you just started i will try to watch your work for now on i hope that you may look at my work every now and then i bin thinking about have are storys crossover now and then im going to make to 3EP for my anime one will be a crossover and one will not just in case you pick not to ever have them crossover but i think aiko and mika would be friends of some sort

and i also made this sometime back its a post about how darkharvest00 everymanhybrid and tribetewlve all are crossovers aka how thay are all a part of the same world

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Concrete Bees Episode 1 script[50% complete]
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