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 The woods and dreams

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PostSubject: The woods and dreams   Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:24 am

sorry if my english is not the best

So i was working on a farm and i just got back the farm is by a very big big big! forest and before i gone i dreamed of slenderman and some one i known from my family at the end was screaming the next day i gone to work on the farm long drive it was in the country farm up in the moutons to
i gone to the woods with my video cam and i got 28 mins of video but i failed at it so i deleted it i was jumping climbing slideing even falling in the video so much that you could not even see what i was video tapeing i deleted it i may have seen slenderman but it gone by to fast the video was acting crazy kinda to like in everymanhybrid and shows like that but i had a part where i stoped and thare was a path that would bin grate place to have slenderman it was a epic part the only part my cam was working right and nothing crazy thare no slenderman or any thing T_T so i got back to the farm got cleaned up then took a nap had a dream of slenderman stalking me got up did more work gone to bed once more the next day this time it was like a creepy nazi zombie mixed with half life place and thare was a part where i gone in a room and thare was a 2d slenderman chibi anime i took it off the wall and it was pushing back to get back on the wall but i grabed a tak and pined it to the outher wall i know that this is just some crazy dream but the time i was thare i did have some slenderman sickness and felt like someone was watching me i gone to sleep in the basement and i woke up in the night to breaveing in my ear nothing was thare this is all the creepy stuff that happened but most of it was fun and grate i enjoyed helping on the farm
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The woods and dreams
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