Welcome, to a thread dedicated to the discussion of our mystical friend Slender Man!
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 I belive this to be true

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PostSubject: I belive this to be true    Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:54 am

the main reason for slender man kidnapping children under 16 (with the rare occasion of someone older) i think is because he is the spirit of someone that was killed in the woods and he had a stick stabbed into his chest and all his limbs were detached from his body, there are no known reasons for his murder but there are suspicions that he was killed because he was kidnapping children , and when he was killed that his spirit survived and is carrying on his work with the help of a demonic spirit, i personally am a christian and believe that he can not hurt/kidnap you unless you allow him too, i myself just last night had an instance were i was listening to some music on my phone and all of a sudden the music went all static like and that was when i realized that this myth is real and you should not give in to fear because if you do......... he will take you. i think this is what is the real story as i too have had encounters with the slenderman but non like the one you have described. fear is the 2nd most powerful feeling and the most powerfull is love and if ur in love he will not target you this is why he only attacks chidren under 16 because they havent found ther true love yet. therefore he can easily target them because they are vunorable to his fear that he gives us, i have not been scared because i have a great relationship and i love my partner dearly and i believe that this is true, this is the only explanation i can think of. pls tell me what u think because i belive this is true
Pls give me ur thoughts so that i can understand this more Smile
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I belive this to be true
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