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 Trial 1# is he thare

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PostSubject: Trial 1# is he thare   Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:21 am

Sorry for my english if its not the best

you may have seen all the youtube shows like marble hornets or everymanhybrid and tribetwelve well heres something for you to try
but first you must know the rules


#1 Do not talk about what your doing to any one it will probly ruin your chances

#2 Have tons of memory and some power sorce

#3 if needed have tapes but you may just use memory cards and usbs and stuff

#4 keep it dark but make shure the cam can see

#5 Try to keep from geting killed i am not takeing blame if he achily comes out and kills you

How to do this have some sort of video captureing thing have it rolling 24/7 easy as that you cna use a pc a cam a phone any thing that can get video now have it with you at all times or aimed at you if its not with you the slenderman can go invis so the cam will see him if your eyes can not see what you get to make it more intresting i have some outher stuff you can do at below

gmae play;

Easy do it for 1 day

Normal do it for 3 days

hard do it for 1 week

hybrider do it for 2 weeks

Marble find a sign of the slenderman not made by you or someone els this is rare but it has no date aka no 1 day to 2 weeks
i do not think this will happen so thats why it has no time max or min

Him Seen slenderman a ghost or something not normal that is not faked

to make it harder or more fun:

Listen to scary music all the way throw

play slender will doing this

watch scary videos will doing this

do it co op no more then 4 the more the less of a chance any thing will go on

relax just hope that he will not come by you will your laying in bed or come behind you and put his hands around you will your in the chair

music listen to music you like may keep you from heareing sounds that may get you killed

pet haveing a dog by you it probly will bark or growl if somethings not right

be reddy have lots of stuff to use if he attacks guns holy water ext holy water will only stun him for very short time it will not harm him

he can not be killed so keep that in mind and try to do what the everymanhybrid guys do to keep liveing ish

try to not have any fear he can tell

have a relly dark no lights if you have nigh vish

have lights

talk to him try to provoke him

fish for no resone

it is not a part of every slenderman mith since thare are so meny but water herts him we are talking about the real one to if he is real
so that means the shows can mess up on stuff you probly seen how outher shows are not the same as eachouther

pull a allnighter this will make yo more sleepy and also make you more paranoid it make it alot more scaryer for shure since you think every sounds him and you see things more try see if its found on your film or was it just you mahahaha

stay in the woods or outher slenderman zones

Crazy ones:

have 20$ or lots of 20$ this probly will not work but its worth a try lol

hugs make a robot that likes hugs

but as we know slenderman is always behind you for dat a** XD so maybe if you look at a** online he may watch it with you lol

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Trial 1# is he thare
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