Welcome, to a thread dedicated to the discussion of our mystical friend Slender Man!
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 Similar experience to that of the Slender Man

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PostSubject: Similar experience to that of the Slender Man   Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:35 am

So I just learned about this slender man myth yesterday when my older brother called me to inform me about it, because it sounds similar to a being that me and a friend saw, A being that we come to call The White Man, the thing that intrigued me was the similarities. First of all heres the white mans description from what me and my friend have seen. He is a bald, white being, unlike the Slender man, The White Man does have a face but its very strange with no nose, kinda looks like the main bad guy from the harry potter movies. He is also slim but doesn't have a suit or extra appendages. I've done a lot of reading about this and yes I now that the slender man was created on forums and that the photos are fake but, I have a story to share of something that is similar, so one night me and my friend who I'll name D where hanging out at my house, we decided to walk a few miles to the nearest gas station to get some late night snacks, the time was two o clock am when we start making our walk, so as we're walking he starts to tell me about the white man. The white man is a paranormal being that appeared to him when he was a child and has been following him since then randomly appearing by windows, and out of thin air, he has the ability to cloak himself and moves really fast. So as we're walking and going into great detail about the story, I start to think that it was bs and I didn't believe him, and we reach this narrow road with orchards on each side, things get really weird, first thing is a large bush starts to shake to the right of me, then a sound of something running out and into the large shrubbery on our left side, we both get kinda weirded out, as we continue going in between the orchards we pass by the clearing where they knocked down some trees, as we pass that I look into the field and at the concerete cylinder that holds water for the fields kinda like a well, and as I'm looking at said well I see a weird figure creep a look at us then right away hide behind it again, at this point I'm thinking to myself I did not just see that, and then that's when my friend D says " did you see that??" and scared out of my mind I say yes, then he responses " that's him, The White Man", so we start to walk faster, right after the orchard, still on the same road we start to pass inbetween the high school and the elementary school, this road is lined with palm trees on both sides, so as we make our way through that area we hear something jumping from tree to tree and see a shadow on the ground from each movement, this happens up until we reach the down town circle then every thing stops, we get to the gas station get our snacks and decide to take another way home through the newest parts of town. Every thing was fine until we started to walk by the library, we pass by the metal drop off box that is out front and as we pass it from the other side of the street we see a weird white reflection on the box, the box is made of a brushed metal, so the only way to make a reflection on there is by being right next to it and even then it's an abstract figure, so we decided to walk even faster, at this point we run into some weird people, one man on his bike with a briefcase strapped on to the back, stops in the middle of the street and flashes his flash light a couple of times, then starts to ride in a circle then takes off, two steps later these two guys walk out from a dark and empty canal, they take a few steps towards us and starts to question D and I, they ask us what we had in the bags, and if it were beer, we tell them no it was snacks, they start telling us about them getting stopped by the cops a few nights ago because they had beers in a bag, then they tell us to be careful, and as they walk back into the dark canal they keep saying be careful. Almost home and passing by my old middle school we notice that the gate where the busses pick up the kids was randomly open at 340 am, which its always locked after school and all the lights where off except for one ominous light what was pointed directly at the open gate, as we look away and start walking away from the school, avoiding the open gate we see a flash of white run into the canal ( this area is where D and his
Best friend saw The White Man face to face) we run home and as we're running we hear really weird screech type noise from the canal and the moment we get home we run inside locked the doors and windows and hid. So theres my story of the white man and the few similarities between him and the slender man. It is a true story this happened to me a few years back beleive me or don't.
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PostSubject: Re: Similar experience to that of the Slender Man   Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:05 am

The description you gave of "the white man" sounds somewhat like the rake, which is another creature somewhat like slenderman.
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Similar experience to that of the Slender Man
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