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 Another Slenderman dream

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PostSubject: Another Slenderman dream   Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:19 am

(I am sorry for my inactivity guys, I was busy with school, worrying about my left lobe pneumonia I had, but now its all better and its break!... but its not like anyone cares I was gone, since I didn't really talk to anyone..)

Last night I had a dream.. well nightmare and it was about Slenderman, but I only remember the last parts of it. Sorry Neutral

I was in a room, not one of my own, but it was a bit empty besides some furniture inside. When I looked out the window I saw Slenderman, he looked like how he was supposed to this time, no face, long arms, tall body. As I stood there I became scared and moved a step away and Slendermans long arms went through the wall as if he were a ghost and he grabbed me and pulled me through the room where he was, it was as if I were a ghost as well. We suddenly had appeared in front of a two story building that was made of bricks and such. When I went in though I felt like I couldn't breath and I had began to choke. In a few minutes we were back in the room I was in before but I didn't see Slenderman, only two people, ones that looked a bit weird for humans. One had a mask on and one didn't, but the mask-less persons face was a bit odd. And that's where I woke up.
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Another Slenderman dream
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