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 The Slender Tier Forum

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PostSubject: The Slender Tier Forum   Wed May 09, 2012 11:57 pm


So I made this forum that is not really intended to be a forum. A more proper word would be supplemental list. In this supplement I gathered every active Slender Man based vlog I could find and broke them down into categories. There are four categories in total. I have entitled them tier 1-4.

Tier 1 includes all the Slender Man based series that have 99 subscribers or less. It is my hope that by putting this tier at the top of the list and trying to draw peoples attention to it that these series will get more love.

Tier 2 is for series that have 100 to 299 subscribers.

Tier 3 is for series that have 300 subscribers or more.

Tier 4, the final tier, just contains The Big Three.

I would just like to express that I am all for how SN and UF handle Trailheads. I wouldn't have them do it any other way. This is simply an alternative view of the Slender Man vlog Verse that had yet to have been explored.

There is no real reason to join this forum. I mostly made it just to be a reference. But if you noticed something active that I have missed then feel free to join and post it or just inform me here and I will rectify its absence. Or if you really just want to join for fun then be my guest ^.^ At least I will be an active member there.

If there are any further suggestions then please let me know. I am all ears.

My current project: The Dead Are Watching
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The Slender Tier Forum
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